When is It Time to Get a Hearing Test?

Hearing loss is not like other kinds of health deficits in that it comes on slowly and gradually, often going unnoticed until the damage is quite advanced. If your heart is racing or you are feeling run down, you know that something is wrong, and that it is time to head to the doctor. Not so with hearing loss. This slow-motion problem can sneak up on you slowly, damaging your relationships, hurting your career and putting your health at risk.

The best way to defend yourself against the dangers of hearing loss is to keep a close watch on your body and your lifestyle. If you recognize any of the following early warning signs, it is time to ask your doctor for a hearing test.

When You Constantly Ask People to Speak Up

Chances are you have a few low talkers in your life, but if you are constantly asking people to speak up and enunciate more clearly, the problem is probably yours. If you are constantly asking people to speak up, you need to step up and get a hearing test.

When You Find Yourself Missing Key Information at Work

A hearing deficit can be bad for your career and your future earning potential. If you find yourself missing out on key information from business meetings or feeling like you are out of the loop, the problem could be hearing loss. Getting to the doctor now and getting the help you need could save your hearing — and your career.

When the TV Volume Is at Maximum

If everyone around you complains that the volume on your TV is set too high, chances are you have a hearing deficit of some kind. Having the TV or radio turned too high is a classic sign of hearing loss, and one you should not ignore.

You Love Loud Music

If you love your music loud, you could be damaging your hearing every time you crank up your favourite tunes. The relationship between loud music and hearing loss is well established, and the damage could be even worse if you wear headphones on a regular basis. If you have a history of attending concerts and listening to loud music, you should have a hearing test as soon as possible. The initial test will give your doctor a baseline to measure your progress and help keep tabs on future hearing problems.

Hearing loss is an insidious problem, ramping up slowly over time and causing real problems. If you recognize any of the warning signs outlined above, it is important to get a hearing test right away and find out where you stand. For more information about a test and hearing aids, contact a local expert.

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