How to Help Your IBS Treatment Work for You

IBS, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, is something that many people suffer with. It can cause abdominal pain and cause severe chronic issues that make working difficult. When this happens and over-the-counter treatments won't work, you may decide to see a doctor. A doctor will evaluate your issues and determine a treatment plan. Though this treatment plan can vary depending on the severity of the issues you are having, there are a few things you can do to help that treatment plan work for you. 

Increased Water

You probably already know that drinking water has been known to help with IBS symptoms. In addition to the basic reasons to drink water and stay hydrated, you also need to drink extra water. This means if you drink a normal eight glasses of water a day, you should consider drinking nine or ten. The reason for this is that the IBS treatments are in place to help you clean out your system. When you lose that much waste from your system, you will dehydrate faster than normal. The increased water will help combat that and keep you from having more issues, constipation, or pain. 

Chiropractic Care

In some cases of IBS, the alignment of the body may have something to do with overall issues. Stress and poor alignment can cause headaches, joint aches, and issues with your internal organs including your gastro system. This means that many doctors will suggest chiropractic care as part of or a supplement to your treatment plan. The routine treatment can help to remove pressure from your gastro system and help to remove possible blockages that can be related to your IBS symptoms. 

Food Diaries

You may not think that writing down what you eat can help your IBS. The truth is that keeping a food diary can help a great deal. For example, you may not realize what foods are acting as triggers. As you keep a routine food diary, you may notice that on the days when your IBS is flaring, you are eating certain foods. It may even be the amount of foods you are eating. This type of diary can help you determine those foods and amounts while helping you with your treatment plan. 

By taking these additional steps, you may see increased results from your IBS treatment plan. Your doctor may also suggest several options that can help your treatment plan along. Keep in mind, stress may also play a part in your IBS. For this reason, you should try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible while working with the treatment plan your doctor creates for you. 

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